Thursday, March 9, 2017

Lake Lotus Park - Altamonte Springs, FL - 3/9/2017

Lake Lotus Park - Altamonte Springs, FL

Today I went on my first hike with the group "Hike It Baby", the Orlando division. It was only Hannah and I today hiking, but it was wonderful. The weather was perfect and we got to see lots of plants and even some baby alligators. 

The beginning by the parking lot.

The boardwalks were so wide! It was perfect for anyone with a stroller (even though I was wearing my daughter in a hiking carrier). There was no railing on most parts, but it wasn't high off the ground. 

There were lots of little streams here and there hidden in the huge trees and brush. 

After a short walk, we came out onto Lake Lotus. It was amazingly beautiful. There were some people fishing and lots of bird and wildlife watchers. 

Very wide boardwalk for lots of people to sit and enjoy the wildlife. 

It's hard to see, but in the middle of the picture is a baby alligator!

Hannah was a wonderful host, and helped keep us on the right path so we wouldn't get lost!

This was closed today, not sure why, but it looks over the lake and has a lot of information about the wildlife and nature. 

The canopies were so beautiful. You could see where there were lots of trees that had fallen from the past storms. 

This map was at the beginning of one of the trail heads (we found it at the end of our first path). 

Cute little playgrounds for kids. 

Getting back onto a new path we walked until it ran into a nature trail. Today we stayed on the boardwalks, but I definitely want to come back to explore the nature trail side. 

We will be back again and next time I'll take some video to share. Until then for more information about the park you can visit:

Above is a map of our hiking tracks today!

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