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Mead Botanical Garden - Winter Park, FL - 3/14/2017

Mead Botanical Garden - Winter Park, FL

This week's hike with my mom and daughter was located in Winter Park at Mead Botanical Garden. This is a park run by volunteers with the Winter Park Gardening Club. Many events happen here each month, lots of weddings, and a wonderful place for an afternoon hike. The flowers in this garden were spectacular. I have never seen such a variety of flowers as these. Luckily I had my camera and got some very good shots of the beauty of Mead Botanical Gardens. 

If you have never been to Mead Gardens make sure to know exactly how to get there. You will turn down a street that looks like your going thru a neighborhood, but it ends at the park. The parking lot itself is surrounded by huge trees and plants.

Many weddings are held here as well as concerts. There is tons of seating to host a multitude of events. Can you imagine this place all decorated for a beautiful wedding ceremony? 

There are lots of these little sitting areas throughout the park. 

My mom loved all the flowers!

Almost all the flowers were in full bloom. My mom could name almost every single one (she is what I like to call the "plant guru") 

After walking past the amphitheater and around some sitting areas with gardens we came across this newly renovated boardwalk. The views were spectacular. There were ponds, streaks, small man-made waterfalls, and lots of trees and gardens. 

This was the old broken boardwalk that was closed off, but still a really cool place to take pictures. Gives off the rustic feel. 

My mom loved all the natural trees and stumps that were along the nature trail. 

Walking along the nature trail (off of the boardwalk) you will come across little ponds and streams. If you continue on the nature trail there's another small boardwalk bridge (be careful, it's not very sturdy) as well as the secondary entrance from a side street. 

We found this palm tree that was knocked over but still growing. It actually grew curved around other trees. It was absolutely astounding that it was still growing. 

More flowers in bloom by the larger pond on the other side of the huge open field across from the parking lot. 

This is a part of the huge open field. There must've been 10-20 different picnic tables around to eat on. It was a few acres of open field with light tree coverage for sure. 

We didn't know and still aren't 100% sure if it was a bat box or owl box. It may be something different altogether! Who knows....

There are lots of fallen trees from past storms, but the most amazing part of them were their root systems. This one was almost two stories tall! I had my mom stand on the tree so you could see just how big it is!

We found this cast iron butterfly bench and of course my mom had to sit in it for some candid picture taking! She looks so cute!

We came across another area with lot sof blooming flowers!

Inside of the greenhouse style building int he front (which was locked) we could see some really exotic plants. We had to take these pictures through the chain link front door, but we were able to see some really unique plants. 

This was a great place for a hike, and I will definitely return for more pictures. It was an exciting place and I tried to take in as much as I could while I was there. 

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