Monday, February 27, 2017

Palm Island Park - Mt Dora - 2/27/2017


On this day I went hiking with my mother and daughter. We went to Mt Dora for the day and decided to hike around the lake and thru the trails. It was so beautiful, and great for picture taking.

Lot of unique art on the trail and in the park. My mom loved looking at all the hand painted tiles. 

I loved the way the light hit the pergola in this picture. 

The views of the lake are just amazing!

Lots of trees, grass, and flowers.

Just a few of the blooming flowers at the park.

I found this roadway interesting. This is the underpass you have to travel under to get to the park. It's really narrow and kind of scary.

Walked past a Lawn Bowling Club while they were actually playing!

At the other end of Palm Island Park is another small park named Elizabeth Evans Park. It is just a small round about, but has really great views of the lake and a dock with a gazebo.

There were lots of birds and they just stayed still so you could photograph them. 

The Gazebo over the water. 

The walk back to the start of the board walk we was just as pretty. We stopped to look at more beautiful flowers, birds, and more breathe taking views of the lake.

This is a really great sign to show as an example how long trash takes to basically dissolve back into the earth. So make sure to recycle and throw other trash away.

This was an informational board to let you know of all the activities and upcoming events in this area.

The beginning of the boardwalk that leads to trails thru the woods. 

Lots of people even for a week day, but everyone was super nice. 

More birds!

Inside another Gazebo on the boardwalk over the water. 

Bat box, there were a few of these around but you have to look for them.

Absolutely beautiful trees in the trails. There were many forks in the trail, so just make sure to not get lost, well it's hard to get lost, just turn around. 

More amazing flowers along the trail. Lots of wild flowers around every corner.

By far the biggest and most amazing tree I've seen in FL so far. This would be perfect for professional pictures. ***Hint Hint to my professional Photographer friend Allison Vaughn***

Such a wonderful view on this tree. I could've sat here all day taking photos. 

Once you reach the end of the trail you can get back onto the boardwalk. Or if you took the boardwalk to the end then you will just now be starting the trail back to the beginning. 

Back onto the boardwalk, and back to the beginning of the park. There was s much to see. 

Lots of plant life even around the boardwalk.

And at the end of the boardwalk we found a very big snake friend. He was just enjoying the sun. 

Well, until next time. Hope you enjoyed another hike from the Osborn's. 
 For more information on this Park please visit:

Please enjoy a short video from the hike below at Youtube!

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