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Wekiva Springs State Park - Equestrian Trail - 3/18/2017

Wekiva Springs State Park - Equestrian Trail

1800 Wekiwa Circle, Apopka, FL 32712

Wekiva is our "GO TO" park for hiking. We live within a 5 minutes drive from it, and the trails are endless. On this day we decided to take the Equestrian route. It's thru a lot of thick sand paths but well worth it. 

When you arrive at Wekiva always make sure to ask them at the front for a trail map. The last thing you want to do it get lost because you thought you were on the 3 miles trial and really were on the 10-mile trail (it happens to more people than you think). 

We were lucky enough to run into a volunteer that takes people on guided hikes. He gave us this hand drawn trail map of the equestrian trail. It was a lot easier to follow and had more landmarks. We didn't have time to do the whole 7 miles so we cut thru on the "Tram Way" to get back in a shorter time frame. 

At the beginning of the trail, there are horse corrals to the right and a staging area. Just go thru the gate and start on the trail. As you can see it's a sand trail. I made the mistake of wearing sneakers with a  mess top and by the time we got finished my shoes were filled with sand. 

There are light patches of tree coverage in the beginning with small creeks (or as a native Floridian we call them Cricks). But not far into this path it opens up into a huge field of brush. As well as very thick and deep white Florida sand. Try and find the more solid parts of the trail to walk on, like the edges of the path. If you walk in the middle it will just make it harder on yourself. 

There are side trails that break off at different points. Some lead to the Wekiva river and camp sites, while others are just longer/shorter trails. 

Our daughter just loved seeing all the natural fields of green.

After finally making it thru the deep sand trails it starts to firm up and then coverage comes from the thickening trees above. 

Only a short hike with minor coverage, the trees open up once more, but at least the sand isn't as deep. At this point, we didn't see any other people on the trail. Many turned around after trucking thru the sand. But, I will advice to just keep going. The sand is only about a mile and after that, the trail is much easier to hike thru and the natural beauty of the foliage is amazing. 

There is a very quick "forest" area on the trail. This is where it literally turns into a mini forest. It was a great break from the open field, we were able to escape some fo the heat, at least for a short bit. 

As we neared the halfway point our daughter decided it was lunch time for her. So we stopped, made her a bottle and then kept on going. 

This is the "Tram Way" point where you can turn onto the tram way to take the short cut back tot he beginning (which is what we did) or keep going straight to finish the last 2 miles. Turning here it literally looked like an endless straight path into the woods. a path just cut thru the forest and the "hills". When wetalked to the volunteer int he begining before the hike he told us that this was a railroad at one time when this property was an old plantation. Now it is used as a service road. 

Our daughter was talking like crazy at this point (baby talk) & we caught her mid gabbing toherselff. 

This was the halfway point (2.5 miles) so we swapped off, and now it was time for mommy to carry the baby while daddy took over the camera (well he was suppsoed to take over the camera, lol). 

If you look closely you will see the dark brown/black on the ground and on the brush and trees. The park does regular control burns, and they must've done one here recently. 

Back to the beginning of the trail, we stumbled across some horses and their owners getting ready to take on the trail. The horses were so beautiful, this is definitely a trail I'd love to take on one. 

Thank you for following our adventures once again. For more information on this park please got to:

(A map of our hiking path)

We also took videos from our hike, to see them please check out our Youtube page at:

Until next week, keep on hiking!

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