Friday, April 14, 2017

Doris Leeper State Park - Backside of Trail - New Smyrna Beach, FL- 4/14/2017

Doris Leeper State Park - Backside of Trail 

New Smyrna Beach, FL-  4/14/2017

On this hike we took a mini route while on our Easter Vacation in new Smyrna Beach, FL. This is known as the Backside of DOris Leeper Trail. It's known for horse riding and Disc Golf! We actually saw a few people out there playing! The entire hike is a little over 2 miles, but we only had time for a mile. 

Right away we saw a turtle! 

In the beginning, there are lots of fields. Great for horse riding and playing disc golf. 

We said goodbye to Mr. Turtle.

This is part of the Disc Golf Course. It's very new, and this location is also starting to host events for the sport!

This is a trail map of the location. 

At the beginning of the trail, we got our daughter situated for the final time and headed off. 

There are little sitting benches here and there on the trail. 

These flowers will turn into berries in a few months time!

There were lots of side trails and these signs were everywhere. 

There is a house on the property which is for the park keeper. They actually had two very small and cute dogs that barked at us while we walked by. 

There is a great ramp for kayaks and canoes with a huge launch at the end. This was a great view of the backwaters of New Smyrna Beach, FL. 

You can drive back to this point if you wanted to canoe or kayak. I would suggest doing this and not carrying the boats all the way down the trail. 

We were debating whether or not this tree was struck by lightening or has an insect or disease. 

Back on the trail we near a neighborhood that has an entrance to the trail. It was really pretty with the big trees above. 

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