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Kelly Park/Rock Springs Run- Apopka, FL (4/1/2017)

Kelly Park/Rock Springs Run - Apopka, FL (4/1/2017)

Park Offical Website:

Kelly Park/Rock Springs Run is a county run park known for its beautiful spring and most of all TUBING!!!! On your drive in, you'll pass a tube rental place on your right. This is a park that if you want to hike it you will either need to go early in the morning (when the park first opens) or in the winter months when it's too cold for the water. Because in the summer months it fills up so fast there are usually over a mile of cars waiting to get in. SO make sure to be prepared. Also, this is another good place for bug spray and either a hiking stick (or as my husband uses, whatever he can find on the ground, lol), and a camera for pictures! 

The park does cost money to get in, $3 per vehicle for 1-2 people; $5 per vehicle for 3-8 people; and $1 for additional person/walk-ins/motorcycles/bikes.

Also, make sure to ask for a trail map. There are lots of little mini trails off the path that have great spots for pictures, sinkholes, and some lead out to Rock Springs Run where you might catch a kayak or canoe passing by. 

The do have restrooms there. They are located below the parking lot in the two buildings. There are lots of picnic tables and even pretty big playground area for the kiddos. 

The main swimming area is at the beginning of the trial system. It's a decent size swimming area. There's weren't a ton of people swimming that day because it was a little chilly outside. 

A quick note, you will start on a sidewalk and go over a bridge. But shortly after the bridge, you will see a dirt trail to the right. That is the direction you will want to take. 

On one of the "side trails" I mentioned earlier, there is the main tubing area. This is where you will see many teenagers during the summer loading up on tubes and floating down to the main swimming hole. It's really pretty here and would be great for photos, but again, only to be taken when it's not busy. 

Halfway thur the trail you actually cross over the main entrance of the park. Don't worry, you're not leaving the park, just crossing over to the other side. 

This side had many small and large sink holes with trees and debris inside of them. 

This is where that trail map comes into play. On it, there is a side trail that leads toRockk Springs Run. This is a launch area for kayaks or canoes, it is not a swimming area (there is a chance of alligators). We stopped by to take photos and to watch the many birds in the area. We also spotted some kayakers passing by while we enjoyed the scenery. 

We continued on the trail until we ended up back at the parking lot. We stopped at the playground to let our daughter play on the swing and take her first ride down a slide with her daddy. Needless to say, she was tuckered out and fell asleep shortly afterward.

Well, until next time, KEEP ON HIKING!

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