Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mini Hike - Kelly Park - Apopka, FL - 4/20/2017

Mini Hike - Kelly Park - Apopka, FL - 4/20/2017

On this week's mini hike, my mom, daughter and I went back to Kelly Park for a short hike on the paved trail. It was a warm afternoon and we didn't have a lot of time, so we only hiked 1 mile. As usual the water was super clear and beautiful. There were a few people there, but still very empty (even for a week day). We hiked to the end of the tubing run first and then made our way back to the beginning of the tub run before walking back to the car. 

Jolene loves being in the carrier. She was really excited and babbling away for us to get walking.

As you can see there were barely any visitors there that day. It is still early in the year though. But mid-summer this place is slammed packed everyday all day long. 

Once we walked a ways down the sidewalk we ended up at the boardwalk where the tubing run ends. This is where most people get out of the water, walk all the way back up to the beginning and do the run all over again. The water is crystal clear here. 

On the hike back up to the beginning of the tubing run we ran into family carrying tubes and ready to get into the water. 

This is the beginning of the tubing run. The landscape is amazingly beautiful. It'd be a perfect spot for professional photos, but it'd have to be in the dead of the winter when there are next to no visitors. 

This sign always cracks me up. It's so cute. 

Well, that's it for this week's mini hike. We had a lot fo fun in a short amount of time.


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