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Spring Hammock Preserve - Longwood, FL (4/8/2017)

Spring Hammock Preserve - Longwood, FL (4/8/2017)

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This was a wonderful hike, and thankfully we were well equipped and prepared for the bugs this time. We decided to take the trail that follows Soldier Creek, and look for the boardwalks. We found them but they were all closed still awaiting repairs except one. However, it was in terrible condition and I would advise people to be very careful. Most of the back trails are single person width, and along the soldier creek you will run into people riding mountain bikes (it's a hot spot for bikers). However, it was very pretty, and a wonderful hike to experience. 

Another small tip, download a copy of a map of the trails before you strat hiking. There are a lot of little trails that lead into one another and you can get lost very easily. At the bottom of this blog you will find a map that I copied.

By the parking lot there are little pergolas and huts with picnic tables. Some are small but others can host an entire group/class like the one pictured above.

This trail is only a few hundred feet long, then it leads to another trail, then another, and then another. Just slowly make your way to the paved Seminole Trail, then follow it until you see a small clearing to take another trail. (All this can be found on the map below. again please make sure you have this with you, you will get lost without it!

This is the beginning of the side trail off of the paved Seminole trail. If you aren't paying attention you will miss it. You have to hike on the trail a little ways before coming to an actual trail head sign. 

From this point, we hiked right up against the creek most of the trail. It's a single person path that is mostly used by mountain bikers. SO make sure to pay attention in case they are cruising pretty fast out there. 

The creek runs almost the entire length of this trail. Some spots are wider than others, but it's really pretty either way. Along the trail, at this point, we passed a mountain biker, and he was really nice. 

Our daughter loved the hike, but was not happy that we had to put sides down so she wouldn't get bit by bugs or scratched by plants. 

The amount of plants and thick foliage on this trail was astounding. Great for pictures, and hid lots of birds and butterflies. 

Along the way, the trail crosses over the creek, and there are wooden bridges adn boardwalks. Some of the boardwalks are closed due to a storm that happened this past fall that caused lots of damage. 

Even though this says "end of trail" it doesn't bring you back to the front of the park. This was literally the halfway point for our hike. Just continue to follow the trail, which is now wide enough for an off-road vehicle to drive on. 

These signs are all along the trail in case of an emergency you can give the 911 operator your exact coordinates so they can come get you. 

One of the many boardwalks that were closed from the storms. There is no word yet as to when they are planned to be reopened. 

What do you do when your hiking? Take a selfie!

We found this boardwalk that wasn't barricaded off, but was definitely not maintained very well. 

In the beginning of this boardwalk it wasn't too bad but as you get further the boardwalk is almost completely covered in leaves and the boardwalk actually rotates sideways. So be very careful. 

Not sure if at one time this was a swimming area but there were these stairs along the creek. Obviously, there is no swimming here now, it's not even very deep. 

There were lots of beautiful butterflies along the way!

At the end of the trail it leads back to the Seminole Trail (paved). Continue walking straight and you will get back to the parking lot. 

This is a copy of the map I downloaded form online. Make sure you ahve it with you in order to not get lost along the way!

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