Monday, May 1, 2017

Hike It Baby - Crane's Roost Park - Altamonte Springs, FL - 5/1/2017

Hike It Baby - Crane's Roost Park - Altamonte Springs, FL - 5/1/2017

It's starting to get really warm out there, so this is the last afternoon hike we will do. From now on they will be in the morning before the heat of the day. On this week's hike, we went with the group from Hike It Baby Orlando. This is a very easy hike, it's a one-mile loop. We saw turtles, birds and all the flowers that were freshly in bloom. 


The flowers were blooming today! It's not every day that you get great pictures of all the flowers at once! 

The new boardwalks look exactly the same as before they remodeled them this past year, but they definitely are more sturdy than before. 

With the lack of rain (as of this photo) the water was extremely low. Some area of the lake were just sand bars where the birds would hang out. 

All of the sidewalks were new as well. This park had a year-long remodel, and certain sections we closed off at different time frames. Now it looks amazing, is wider than before, and great for walking. 

The board tells you of al the upcoming events are Uptown Altamonte. Every month they have "Movies in the Park", a fountain show and more!

The famous bell tower (only no actual bell). 

Back onto the boardwalk we go to finish the one-mile loop. 

The birds were sunning themselves in the dry parts of the lake. 

Lots of pillar adn statues as you near the bell tower. 

Some of these statues are really cute. And you can still use the bench next to them to sit on too!

More hidden sitting areas by the fountain.

Fountain and bell tower. 

We waved goodbye to the bell tower and statues then made our way back to our car.

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