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Lower Wekiva River Preserve State Park - Sanford, FL - (7/15/17)

Lower Wekiva River Preserve State Park - Sanford, FL - (7/15/17)

This week we went back to a park we've done once before, but it was a lot cooler outside. When we were here last it was late February, Jolene was a lot lighter, and before we learned the importance of taking a picture of the trail map before hand. We got very lost last time we were here and never made it onto the main trail. So this time I was determined to make it onto the main trail and see what it had to offer.

This park is located right off of SR 46 in Sanford, FL. The parking lot os small, but there usually aren't too many people on the trail so it doesn't need to be huge. The trail starts off with a picnic table and map of the area. All the trails on the map are color coded. make sure to take a picture with your phone or camera before starting. This will assist you in your travels on the trails so you don't get lost. The maintenance trails tend to cross over the main trails and can get very confusing. 

Most of the trail is on soft sugar sand, this it typical for Central Florida Trails. The great thing about this trail is the center part of the trail is more packed down so it's not so soft. Some trails we've done feel like you're walking in quick sand! 

The only animals we saw on this trip were Gopher Turtle, but we did see way too many bugs for our liking. In fact all of us, including my daughter, were either bit or stung by something. This is usually not the case during the winter time, but this time of year it's like the bugs just come out of no where and are on attack. 

While following the red trail you can cross a Main Street over to Katie's Landing. This is a must do stop. First off these are the only bathrooms to use, so I of course was stopping at them, lol. Also, it takes you out to the Wekiva River. There is usually very few people is anyone at this park so the beauty of the area is very well preserved. There is a ramp but not for any motorized water craft. Only kayaks, cones and such are allowed to enter the water here. There are lots of picnics tables and a big area for Jolene to run around in. So we took the opportunity to let Jolene out of the pack, get a snack and run around for a few minutes. 

As we got back on the trail, it was starting to get hot. Most of the trail is out in the open with no shade, so I was watching our daughter very closely to make sure she wasn't getting sunburnt or over heated. Parts of the trail went thru stick brush and wild flowers while other parts were fields of palms.  It was at this point that the bugs came out and started to attack us. We were about 2 miles out from ending the hike and my husband got bit by a bug first, then something bit me. So we decided to take a short cut on a maintenance road to end the hike. The last thing we wanted was out daughter being attacked by the "unknown" bugs. However, to our dismay, the same bugs decided to start biting her. 

After cutting the hike short we were more focused on getting Jolene back to the truck. We love this trail, but on this day it just wasn't a great hike. This happens, and you can't just every trail by this. We've decided to once again return to this trail, but in the winter time. It was more enjoyable then, the weather is cooler, the bugs aren't so prominent,  and there are more animals out and about. 

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