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Mead Botanical Gardens - Winter Park, FL - June 3rd, 2017

Mead Botanical Gardens - Winter Park, FL - June 3rd, 2017

On this week's hike, we went to Mead Gardens. This was a first for Jeff, but the second for Jolene and I. We were very happy that the drought was starting to subside in our area and there was finally water around us while walking along the boardwalks. It was not too hot outside on this day, so we were lucky to see many animals and birds while on this hike. 

If you have never been to Mead Gardens, it's literally a 48-acre piece of property in the middle of the bustling city of Winter Park that is like a hidden jungle. It's maintained by the Winter Park Garden Club and other volunteers, it's Free admission, and absolutely amazing! 

We followed the boardwalk around to the nature trail in the beginning. The boardwalks go thru lush growth of trees and flowers. If you look in the distance you will see the old boardwalk that was shut down. Following this for a few acres around it leads into a nature trail that following a creek. Here is where we came across two Egret. They are so beautiful. There are also bridges, which are in some need of repair. The tree roots have pushed them up in some areas so be careful while crossing.

While crossing these bridges we came across a family of ducks and on the way back a bunny!!!!

There is a wonderful spot at this park with stadium seating for weddings and events. It's complete with a stage and lush greenery. While there my husband decided to be a romantic goof ball and get down on one knee to recreate when he proposed to me. However, when he actually proposed many years ago it was in the snow and not on a stage, lol. 

We then crossed the parking lot to follow trails on the other side of the park. There are lots of ponds, creeks, and fields on this side. We saw a few people fishing and others having parties in the fields. Along the way, we found a second bunny, more birds, and even turtles!!!!

On our way back to the parking lot area where there is an orchid garden we passed by a huge fallen tree that I took pictures, previously, of my mom on. Well, Jeff wanted his own pictures on the huge tree lol. After that stop, we made our way back thru the open fields and onto the gardens in the front of the park. Most of this area has orchids, air plants, and lots of flowers for the butterflies and bees. There are statues hidden in the trees, and even a kids reading area.

This is a great little stop if your in the area. It's a short hike, maybe a mile ot two total, but it'll take you a while to complete if you stop adn enjoy all the plants and animals (as we did) along the way. 

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