Saturday, August 19, 2017

Journal - Florida Keys Trip - Days 1 & 2 (ONE ROCKY START)

Sometimes When Things Get Rough You Just Gotta Laugh,    Or At Least Try

Every year we go to The Florida Keys as a family. My husband and I took our first vacation together to the Keys, we got married in The Keys, and we continue to travel every year back to our favorite vacation location. This year we have planned to spend 3 days in Key Largo and 7 days in Islamorada. 

Now let me say this to you, we've had some rocky beginnings to trips before but this one is definitely in the top of those "crappiest starts we've ever had" lists. So, everything was great when we left the house. We had everything packed, Jolene was pretty good for most of the ride down, and we made it into Key Largo in record time. After making a few stops in Key Largo to get some necessary items, we stopped by the bank. Mind you, I'm driving my husband's Big Truck, and I'm not great at tight corners. Needless to say this was a recipe for disaster. I didn't see the curb in the drive thru, ran it over, and popped a HUGE hole into the brand new tire we just had put on. I was so embarrassed, and couldn't believe I did something so stupid. The worst part is that I didn't even know I did that until someone next to us yelled and said to stop driving because the tire was flat. I just wanted to crawl into the floor board and cry. But, my husband reassured me that it was an honest mistake, and that it could've happened to anyone. Even though I wanted his reassurance to make me feel better, I couldn't help but still feel like I ruined the trip, and we hadn't even checked into the hotel yet. After about an hour of work, aka Jeff changing the tire to the spar and putting the busted one back in the spare part area), we were on our way to get some coffee at Dunkin Donuts and then it's off to the hotel. 

When we checked in they upgraded our room to a King bed, thank goodness, and we unloaded the truck. Knowing that we were only going to be here a few days we only unpacked what we needed which was still a lot of stuff. Most of it was our 15 month old daughter's, lol. After that we went to dinner at The Pilot House where we had our favorite dinner, Macadamia Crusted Hogfish! And our daughter Jolene, yes the 15 month old, loved the hogfish too. She actually tried to eat it right off of our plates, lol. 

So, this is where the second rocky part happens. It's Day 2, we get dressed and head out to the Dagny Johnson Botanical State Park to go hiking. We get there and there is a sign saying "warning, high mosquito levels". Well, that's just wonderful! And, just as we were about to put our hiking gear on, suck it up and get the bug spray out, we realized that we forgot Jolene's water at the hotel. Why?! Seriously, like, Why?! So, back into the truck we go, and back to the hotel. When we get back to the hotel I run up the stairs to our room, grab Jolene's water and an extra sippy cup, then book it down the stairs to get going back on the road. As soon as I get into the truck Jeff goes, "Babe, did we send $300 at comcast yesterday?" Oh no, someone stole our bank account information! Seriously!!!! Yep, that's exactly what happened. So, at this time we talked. We needed our tire fixed, the bugs were too crazy, and now we've gotta call the bank to transfer money and cancel the cards. The hike was officially called off for the day. On the way to Homestead to get the tire fixed we called the bank and found out the exact time when the card was charged, and guess when that was? The same time we were at Dunkin Donuts! Yep, someone at the Dunkin Donuts stole our card info. We went thru the drive thru, the lady working took our card to check out, and used the register around the corner not the one near the window. I found it suspicious at the time, but didn't say anything. Now I regret that. But we called the store and the managers are reviewing the tapes. Also, the bank is fighting the charge for us.

The rest of the day has been uneventful, thank goodness. We got back into town, went playing in the Gulf, then in the pool, and had an early dinner. Now daddy and the baby are napping and mommy is catching up on some much needed Blog work! So tomorrow we are off to Islamorada, but before we do that we are going to John Pennecamp State Park to go on their hiking trails. We've been to the park before but it was always to scuba dive or snorkel, never been on the trails! I am really excited about it! 

Alright, until the next entry,

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