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Markham Woods MTN Bike Trail - October 14th, 2017

Markham Woods MTN Bike Trail - October 14th, 2017

I heard about this trail while at my recent Wekiva Wilderness Trust Meeting. We are made up of volunteers that help promote and maintain the local state parks run by WWT. One of the board members is an avid mountain biker and helps to expand these trails so everyone 
from bikers to hikers can enjoy them. 

The trail can be a little hard to find, in a way. And what I mean by that is that you can pass it very easily. It's located near the soccer fields near Lake Sylvan Park in Lake Mary. The paved Seminole Wekiva Trail actually runs right thru this park, so if you follow the paved trail it'll end up at the entrance of this preserve/park. The park has really nice bathrooms, always clean, a bike wash for your bikes, and even a little repair area with tools!

We started on the the Lokassee Loop then headed to Mitch'd Up, and rounded back to the front part of Gatorback alley (on the left side of Lakosee Loop). The trails are very well maintained, not too wide, only about a single person path. Pos too the natural elements of the property have been left, which I LOVED!!!! There is a road nearby but you only hear it for about 15 minutes before the trail turns and you're back into the woods. On the trail we saw lots of wildflowers in full bloom, sometimes just fields of them. It was magical. Then other times we came across hidden swamps and lakes. Some had flowers on lily pads floating in the water. As you go along the trail get a little more rugged. The Mountain bikers have built hills and valleys in the terrain to make it more interesting of a ride. It also makes for a more challenging and fun hike! I love anything with some elevations, because here in FL we have none, LOL. 

At times you can think your getting lost, but in the end you're not. There are side loops that connect back onto the main trail, and some of them have really pretty hidden meadows and fields of wild flowers! All in all I think this small and little known trail (for hikers) is a true gem. It's definitely a must do and see if you re near by in the area. And don't worry about the mountain bikers running you over. They're all super friendly, love to stop and chat, and always use proper passing etiquette. 

Please enjoy the photos below and get out there! Go enjoy this little known gem, hidden in the suburbs of Lake Mary, FL. 

(the map of our trip at the bottom of the blog is flipped upside down from this map)


(Hiked 4.12 Miles)

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  1. Awesome pics Crystal and awesome that you guys are teaching Joleen a love of nature!

    1. Thank you so much! Jolene loves it so much outdoors!


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