Saturday, June 2, 2018

Social Media Detox Day 2 - Attending the Sunflower Festival

Social Media Detox Day 2 - Attending the Sunflower Festival

On day 2 of my Social Media Detox we took advantage of the sunny weather to attend the annual Sunflower Festival at Stanley Pond Adventure Farm in Aventura, FL. It was exceptionally hot today, about 93 degrees, with only a slight breeze. So we couldn't spend the entire day there, but we did get two hours in before Jolene was super tired and hot. 

Oh course the first stop we made was at the water station. Any place with water is where Jolene has to be. Not to mention it felt really nice when she accidentally splashed me, being so hot out. Every time we found. station she liked it was a battle to tear her away to go to the next station. Our girl just loved every moment of it! 

The next activity was her all time favorite all fo the activities that day, sliding down a mega slide! Anyone who knows our daughter knows that she loves a slide. She was not too happy that she had to wait for her daddy to go down instead of going by herself, but after the first time she got used to it. Needless to say, sh was screaming the whole way down "WWWWEEEEEE"! She tustve went down the slide at least 20 times today!

After the slide mommy found a room that had air conditioning for us to take a break in. While relaxing and cooling off we watched a cute video all about the importance of bumble bees. Did you know that if we had not bees we'd have no food?! They are very important to agriculture, and must be protected. Needless to say we are now buying some flowers and plants to help attract more bumble bees and other bees to help pollinate our home garden!

After a short break we found one of the biggest inflatable bounce pads I've ever seen! This thing was HUGE!!!!! Jolene went bananas! She was running back and forth and her daddy was happy that he could get in on the action too! Only bad part was there were no fans and barely any wind going thru the building. So it was like a pressure cooker of heat. Mommy and to put her foot down after about 5-10 minutes and drag us back to the air conditioned room so no one got overheated. However, my husband is like a toddler (himself) when you try and stop him form having fun. But, mommy and to keep everyone safe. 

FINally, after yet another mini break, we made it to one of two sunflower fields. They were very big but it was so neat to see these huge flowers in full bloom. We also ran into a photographer (who we were chit chatting with at the entrance) who was nice enough to take a few photos of us in the field. 

After the field we walked to the other side of the park to see the horses, air boat rides and more. But, it was so hot and we had already been there for two hours. Jolene was so tired and ready to go. After one more ride down the slide we headed home. 

This was such a fun day, and even though we took loads of pictures I managed to stay off my social media for a second day! I don't know if I will be writing a blog every single day of this journey, because on days we do nothing it'd be boring to read, lol. But, I will try and post about this detox journey and how I feel more and more each day. 

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