Friday, June 1, 2018

Social Media Detox Experiment- Day 1

Social Media Detox Experiment - Day 1

Call me crazy but I’ve decided to do something a little different this year for my birthday. I’m turning 32 in a few weeks, and find myself looking at life a little differently. I’m a wife to an amazing husband, a mom to a beautiful 2 year little girl, and currently pregnant with our second child (another sweet girl). I’ve been put on a light test for the remainder of my pregnancy, so no hiking till the fall, but this has allowed me to think about my other aspects of life. I’ve started to realize that I spend a very large portion of my day scrolling thru Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Not even really posting anything, just scrolling to pass the time. While doing this one day I found an article on how everyone should do a 30 day Social Media Detox. And after searching more on this topic I found a fellow blogger that successfully completed the Detox for the entire 30 days. The results he had were astounding! He claimed that he had a better feel for his emotions, and a more vibrant look on life. He also explained how it forced him to, in a way, go back to a time before social media. Where we had to actually ask how someone was doing instead of just checking their Facebook status. It showed who and what really mattered in his life. This inspired me, and for my birthday month I want to try and complete this Detox. I want to be able to gift myself with something that money can’t but, and that gaining my true and real feelings back. My sense of awareness, empathy for others, and just enjoy my surrounds instead of wondering is someone liked the photo i just posted.

So I’ve set a few rules for myself. One, I can write in this blog as an almost diary to help me get thru those hours of longing for social media content. This blog is connected to my social media accounts automatically. So when I post the blog it auto posts on my social media, therefore I’m not opening the apps (so I’m not cheating).

I also run my husband’s Real Estate business social media and work for Hike Like a woman as their videographer. So I will have to acces YouTube for both of these professions. Therefore, I’m leaving YouTube off the social media list, I’ve gotta work, right?! Lol! And as far as my husband’s business Facebook, Instagram and twitter accounts go.... I downloaded an app that will auto post content to them for the next 30 days so I am not tempted to break my Detox.

With these rules in place I started out my day as I usually do. Getting my daughter up, feeding her breakfast, chasing her around the house to change her clothes, etc... during my little moments of rest I found myself immediately grabbing my phone to look at a Facebook. Completely unaware I was even doing this. It wasn’t until I unlocked my phone and saw the app that I stopped and realized what was happening. This freaked me out! My mind has literally been programmed over time, by my own doing, to just grab for my phone to scroll social media at any given downtime moment. Luckily, I did not open the app and just played a game on my phone instead for the time being. I even found myself thinking about reading some books.... need to get my library card renewed. 

Towards the middle of my day, I took my daughter out back to play with her water table and go in the pool. Normally I’d be on my phone looking at social media (I know, it’s a lot), but instead I turned on my favorite talk show radio show and enjoyed playing and spending more quality time with my daughter. 

To end the day, because I’m tired, pregnant and want to go to bed, I was successful at not opening any social media. I found myself having to really think about what to do with my little moments of free time. And I will admit that I got sucked in a game on my phone for a lot longer than I should have, but I did find myself being more aware of the time I actually spent playing with my daughter. 

I’m looking forward to what these next 29 days show me! And I’m also scared of what it’s going to show me too....

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